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"Rest Planet. Outdoor World 2015": sports extravaganza in the Expocentre "Garden City" Lahta
05 may ‘15
"Rest Planet. Outdoor World 2015": sports extravaganza in the Expocentre "Garden City" Lahta
The “Rest Planet. Outdoor World” - is the main exhibition for the companies that have chosen  active leisure as main direction of its activities. Bicycles (from the famous American brand “Electra” to homemade choppers), skates, scooters, clothes for outdoor activities, mono-wheels, paintball, theme parks and equipment, Nordic walking, roads jeep tours, nature outdoor equipment for recreation – it’s a short list presented at the exponents exhibition. 53 companies took part at the exhibition. 
Contemporaneously two events took place at the one site of the Expocentre "Garden City" Lahta: the Exhibition "Rest Planet. Outdoor World” and the festival "Island of childhood". More than 8,000 people attended the events within 3 days.
The organizers hope that this exhibition will be the starting point of the new season. On the eve of active sales market outdoor rialto participants hurried to showcase the latest collections of bicycles, spares, clothing, accessories and protective equipment. Expocentre "Garden City" Lahta collected lots of interesting. In three days visitors took part in workshops, test drives, competitions and lotteries. A folding bike Shulz from "Skatprokat” company was won on the 25-th of April. 
On April 26 within the exhibition "Rest Planet. World Outdoor” a grand cycling season was held together with the club "VeloPiter”. Thousands of cyclists gathered at the celebration in the "Garden City" Lahta. After that altogether they proceeded from Roshchino to the Palace Square.
OOO "Saint-Petersburg Express" ("RESTEC" Group of companies) and the Expocentre "Garden City" Lahta thank the participants, visitors, media partners, and all those who helped us to create this event! We will be happy to meet again in April 2016!