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Market research
  • measurement of the meetings industry market (by segment, by industry, by region)
  • regional and industry market analysis
  • competitors analysis (by segment, industries, regions)
  • market forecast
  • target audience research
  • market monitoring
  • development of long-term programs and concepts, aimed at the development of the meetings industry in Russia
  • concepts for strategic business development
  • concepts for exhibition and congress centers development
  • concepts for business process optimization, development and implementation of quality management system
  • events concepts development
Regional marketing


Summarizing social and economic conditions of the region to provide efficient solutions for the development.

  • socio-economic analysis of the region and its key market sectors
  • competitiveness analysis
  • measurement of the promotional effectiveness
  • SWOT analysis of the region

Branding & marketing

Turning region from a location into a destination: branding and marketing strategies for regions that facilitate productive regional economic development and growth.


Events organization

Meeting industry tools for regional marketing purposes: organization of the events in the region, regional expositions at the domestic and international exhibitions.


Public affairs

Domestic (regional, federal) and international PR and media campaigns.


Investor relations

Identifying, targeting & engaging potential investors: a wide range of customized programs that provide valuable opportunities to increase the visibility of the region.

  • individual education
  • group education
  • corporate programs
  • field seminars
  • on-line education
Venue management (in cooperation with "RESTEC" Group of Companies)

1. Research and consulting

  • market research incl. competitive environment analysis
  • master planning of congress and exhibition centers
  • venue development plan
  • development of requirements for location, logistics, constructing and maintaining
  • financial management and analysis
  • site visit preparation
  • preparation for state expertise

2. Engineering and construction

  • comprehensive engineering of congress and exhibition centers
  • technical specifications for design and construction
  • architecture counseling
  • construction counseling
  • technical specifications for water and electricity supply
  • technical requirements for materials and classes of work associated with the construction and maintenance
  • contractors management
  • regulatory documents
  • staff training (incl. temporary staff) and certification