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Engage the target audience by dint of the events
14 april ‘15
Engage the target audience by dint of the events

Daria Ostrovskaya, a member of the Supervisory Board of the Market Research Company R&C, managing director of the media holding “RESTEC MEDIA” (“RESTEC” Group of Companies) about sponsorship

25 years of "RESTEC" experience in the organization and holding the events of various format shows that sponsorship of events is one of the most effective marketing tools. The advantage of this method of brand promotion is a complex and, at the same time, the maximum purposeful work with the audience.

A potential sponsor may always choose the event on the set of characteristics and structure of the sponsorship package, there is no need to select each channel of the point-promotion - such an integrated approach helps to see the whole picture of the media to work with the brand. The company may support through sponsoring events is able to direct appeal to the interest market segments and image value, which is complemented by the event. Unlike direct advertisement, sponsorship allows you to create very important in promoting a sense of ownership in the chain of party - event - brand sponsor. Integration of the brand in events enables us to strengthen the emotional component, attract loyal users and influence consumer behavior and as a result increase sales.

According to the recent data of the Exhibition Research Center R&C, first in terms of attracted sponsorship funds hold sports events: Olympic Games, football and hockey championships show the most impressive results in this parameter. On the first place, due to the capability of the sponsorship of sports events advertising budgets of FMCG companies was about 7.8%, but in 2014 the share of this component increased by 13.9%, that emphasizes the effectiveness of this marketing tool.